Hemp has very few limitations and outshines its non-ecofriendly competitors by far. Afri Hemp wants to maximise all the potential this crop offers. Our purpose is to offer Green Sustainable and ecofriendly solutions to South Africa and Africa for decades to come. Through education we will ensure our customers have peace of mind – knowing that they support an ethical company with a love for nature and its people.

Our long-term goals include equipping the nation with employment and empowering it with self-satisfaction, whilst having Mother Nature’s interest at heart.

Our thoughts on hemp and cannabis

The difference comes down to the THC percentages found in them. These cousin plants both have life saving properties to offer but due to false propaganda sparked by the media these products have not been used to their fullest potential.

What South Africa needs to know

South Africa’s outdated and uninformed laws, prohibits the growing and cultivation of Hemp but we are allowed to import it. If we are able to grow and cultivate Hemp in our own country, it will have a vast impact on employment as this product can be ploughed into a variety of industries, thus creating jobs.

Please support your legal right to mother nature and it’s awesomeness. Buy Hemp and invest in an ethical green company.