Welcome to Afri Hemp

AFRI HEMP was established to regenerate the natural and God-given crop that has, since 8000 BC, contributed positively to both industrial and medicinal industries across the world. We recognise the need to offer a sustainable and ecofriendly alternative to many of Africa’s daily problems. Therefore, we aim to educate South Africa on the beneficial characteristics of hemp and change the negative perceptions surrounding this wonderful and largely misunderstood crop. The founder of Afri Hemp says, “In South Africa’s chemically filled industrial and medicinal industries, I want our people [South Africans] to have a naturally green alternative, to the otherwise harsh products available. This answer is Hemp. It amazes us with the diverse range of natural and manufactured products that it offers.”

Quick facts about Industrial Hemp

  • A single harvest of Hemp can fully mature in 3-4 months, and can yield 3-8 tonnes of fiber per acre – which is four times the amount of an average timber forest.

  • Hemp can be grown in just about any climate and soil condition, without the need for chemical pesticides/fertilisers.

  • Hemp is the world’s most versatile fiber. Anything that can be made from wood, cotton, or oil can be made from hemp.

  • Hemp is excellent for reclaiming otherwise-unusable land, and has even been shown to clean up radioactive soil.

  • Hemp breathes in 4x the carbon dioxide  (CO2) of trees

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